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ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.6

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Virtual Meeting, February 9-11 2020
TC 9.6 is sponsoring/co-sponsoring the following technical sessions:


Debate 1: Is Air Change per Hour (h-1), cfm/ft2 or Something Else?


Summary: Ventilation airflow requirements are specified in standards, codes and design guidelines in terms of Air changes per hour (h-1), cfm/ft2, cfm/person, etc. Quantity of supply airflow rate depends on such specification. A group of people who support air change rate thinks it has been working successfully from several decades in making the critical spaces safe, comfortable and healthy. Another group thinks this legacy practice has a little scientific basis and is a burden on energy efficiency and cost of operation of HVAC systems. This session is an open debate on this issue. Active participation is required from the attendees.

Seminar 25: Movement and Control of Airborne Pathogens with HVAC Systems WITH LIVE Q&A


Summary: Airborne droplet and aerosols have been identified as contributors in transmission of various diseases like COVID-19. This seminar highlights case studies and CFD analysis of airflow patterns' impact on transmission of such airborne contaminants in buildings with higher air flow rates and ways to mitigate it. Also, it highlights the design and performance of a wind tunnel that helped in coronavirus aerosol collection for measurements and inactivation in lower air flow rates applications, such as in portable air purification systems. This seminar also describes pilot study of a novel PECO technology used to destroy airborne viruses in a hospital.





 Other programs that may be of interest:




Seminar 27: MERV 13, HEPA and UVC: What Did Buildings Do During this Pandemic and How to Make your Buildings More Resilient for the Next Outbreak

Summary: ASHRAE buildings have been implementing changes to their ventilation systems based on many different recommendations including the ASHRAE Position Document on Infectious Aerosols and the recommendations of the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force. This seminar focuses on the two main strategies implemented by buildings: MERV13 Filtration & UVC (Ultraviolet Light) systems as recommended by the ASHRAE Position Document.  The seminar also presents the current recommendations by the Chair of the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force.




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